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We challenge our clients to think about what their workplace can contribute to changes that need to be accomplished in their organization. Or where housing is significantly different from the existing ambitions.


Together with our clients we answer the question: What are the business objectives that need to be achieved, enhanced or supported with the new working environment?

Think, the mood, image or identity you want to show to visitors, employees or others; better support the business by improving communication, facilitating a new working style or introducing other types of workplaces or functionality; optimizing housing costs through efficient use of space and services.

We record the translation to the new environment in a schedule of requirements. This schedule begins by capturing the strategic essence of the project. All future participants have the same starting point. In addition, the content describes quantitative requirements (for space, workplaces, etc.) but also qualitative ones (climate, technology, facilities, location).


Your broker maps the contractual differences of the buildings; rental price, duration, incentives. But that is not enough for a weighted choice. For Real converts operating and investment costs of the various buildings which creates financial understanding. In addition, there are things like the location, facilities, appearance and gut feeling of the building to which we assign qualitative values. For each building we also perform a test-fit so it is clear where the space requirements fit best. 

With the financial -and qualitative insight and test-fit, it becomes clear to what extent the requirements are met in each building. This way our clients can make a well-considered choice.


The program of requirements in hand and the chosen building in the other we design the new workspace. The working style of the organization is leading. In choices of materials we consider the ambition of the client. Is everything new, are there elements that can be reused, or sustainable products need to b introduced? All choices we will discuss with the client before we finalising the design.


Once the design is finalized, we accompany the tender phase. With our knowledge of the market, we find the right suppliers for the specific project. After the work packages are awarded we will chair the construction team and supervise during implementation. This of course with focus on quality, schedule and budget, and will report to the client. A renovation or relocation is quite a change for an organisation. The construction period is also a perfect time for For Real to prepare the organization for this change. By explaining the path from strategic business objectives to the new housing, we create ambassadors so the new workplace is understood and will function optimally.


We want to make sure that the goals that we agreed on in the boardroom are realized. Therefore, we measure the period after commissioning the success of the objectives and we adjust if necessary.

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