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A satisfied tenant is worth gold for your portfolio. We will look with our knowledge of the rental market, to the building. What works well and which improvements can be made to the building so it stands out, not only visually but also technically and functionally.


Your building is in a certain location, has a certain charisma and architectural and engineering principles. Which potential tenants will be interested in this type of building and what are their wishes and demands? How can your building stand out among the other empty buildings? With our knowledge of the rental market we know what potential tenants want and we can identify improvements to your building.


By having insight into the well-being of current tenants in your building you know the areas that they are satisfied with and possible improvements.

So do you, as an owner or asset manager, know where your building is valued at and where current tenants like to see improvements? Our knowledge of tenants gives us the opportunity to ask the right questions to the tenants to obtain clear insight. For Real then makes suggestions for improvement, where the investment comes to its right effect.


After determining which aspects prospective tenants or existing tenants like to see improved, we translate this into concrete improvements to the building. We advise this in a business case. It becomes clear where the investment needs to be spent to attract potential tenants, retain existing tenants and to positively influence the value of the building.


You buy and sell your buildings. The information you need is not just a box with information but must point out the positive aspects of your property to sell and, when buying, focus on the critical building aspects.  For For Real a Due Diligence is never the same. We will emphasize the accents required. Great technique, an exceptional location or functionally distinctive when selling. When purchasing a building, For Real is critical about needed investments and technical focus points. All information at a glance, but with a different accent.


Your building should stand out! Not only the building itself but also the way prospective tenants or buyers get information about the building. By jointly drawing up a marketing plan with the broker your building can stand out. Tenants or buyers need to see the potential for their own business. By making use of, for example, the photo-realistic renderings, or a 360∞ view, one can quickly see the capabilities of a building.

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