A relationship doesn’t have to be perfect,

it just has to be REAL

For Real is an agency for workplace consultancy, project management and real estate challenges. We help users to bring their workplace in line with organizational goals and advise owners about improvements in their portfolio leading to more satisfied or new tenants.

We challenge users of office space to think about where their workplace can contribute to changes that need to be accomplished in their organization to achieve goals. Or where their workplace is significantly different from the ambitions there are and how the working environment can be adjusted for optimal results.

With owners of buildings we advise, with our knowledge of the tenants market, where improvements to their buildings can be made to optimally serve the market demands and increase the probability of rental.

Design is another important point. A good working environment with the right facilities, the technology that is needed and an atmosphere that suits the desired feeling in the business or building. If the design is in place, we will start the execution. Smooth, clean, powerful, while focusing on the environment which we find ourselves in. With attention for the client, employees and the people who make it happen. And when it’s finished? It is still not finished, because we want to make sure that the results we agreed on in the boardroom, are achieved. Sustainably achieved. Only after achieving this, we are proud, and we like to come back.

Our philosophy

No quick successes but prolonged cooperation with our clients to understand their exact needs. Then not only the results are good but also the path towards the results is pleasant and remains a beautiful relationship remains.

The way we work is unique

A continuous focus on the expectation of the client. We want to understand what the hard requirements are but also we want to understand the moderate requirements. What is the vibe of the process and we will adjust our style.

Burning passion

Beautiful projects with interesting people, from a close-knit team. That’s what we love to do.

Christiaan de Roode

After studying at TU Delft and over 20 years’ experience in the field I am co-founder of For Real. An agency where we accompany quality projects, with an eye for the environment and focus on the relationship with our clients.

Once I’m in a new environment to work, my first priority is to understand the motivations of the people. People should do those things that they are passionate about, it will motivate them. My Rotterdam background appears occasionally in the urge pragmatism to prevail.

Merel Geenjaar

After my studies at The Hague University and 10 years of experience in real esate projects, I am co-founder of For Real. A company with which we advise our clients and assist with their housing challenges, with focus on the environment.

To advise and support our client during the project and build a relationship for life, that is my ultimate goal. That’s why I put a lot of energy to get to know the client and clearly formulate the essence of the question. I want to understand in what organization this project takes place. Where are the areas or sensitivities? By focusing on the organizational character I will create a tailor made housing project. During these projects I value short lines, honest and concrete communication.

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